Understanding output size

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One of the popular more topics asked about by customers is the output size of recordings, with questions like “Why is my recording not the size I expect it to be?”, “Why is my recording blurry?”, “Why are there black bars in my recording?”, and “What does ‘use retina resolution’ mean?” This post aims to give an easy-to-understand explanation on output sizes, and … Read More

Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 3 – Equalization

Neil ClaytonTechnical Articles

Note: The material here has been presented both from my own experiences in recording & mixing, and also from the wondrous land of the internet, notably here & here. Balancing act We discussed bands in the previous article on multiband compressors. Now we move on to equalization (EQ) which is more or less a volume knob for 10 or 31 bands … Read More

Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 2 – Compressor

Neil ClaytonTechnical Articles

In the last article I explained the Dynamics processor, which is a single compressor that operates on the entire microphone input. Using that article as a basis makes this one much simpler, because the Compressor in iShowU Instant is almost identical, except it lets you apply different compression and gating to four different bands. Bands? I don’t mean the musical kind! A … Read More

Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 1 – Dynamics

Neil ClaytonTechnical Articles

This is the first in a series of three articles that explain how to get the most of the audio filters in iShowU Instant. We’ll cover dynamics, compression and equalization. In layman’s terms the end goal of any filter put on the microphone is to “make the audio sound better”. That is, to make your speech sound clearer, or less … Read More

Record screencast audio like an expert

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Recording audio for a screencast is easy. You just click the “microphone” checkbox and you’re done, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Noisy microphones, incorrect codecs, bitrates and/or sample rates can make your audio sound like it’s underwater. I’m going to show you how to record screencast audio like an expert, getting clear results every time. I’m assuming you’re … Read More

iOS recording for iShowU Studio

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After completing the gesture recorder work, it seemed sensible to record the iOS device itself, directly into iShowU Studio.  It’s not hard to record using QuickTime X and then drag that into Studio, but it’d be better if Studio recorded directly.  That way you could have projects sized exactly to the size of the device, and thing would be … well … … Read More

Tracking the gremlins in iShowU HD

Neil ClaytonNews and Updates, Technical Articles

This (and some of last) week have been spent digging into some gremlin like issues with iShowU HD. I’ve been focusing on: Why the heck the silly “can’t find display <big long awful number here>” message appears for some users… How iShowU HD behaves in a multi monitor environment, and; Speed The main thing I’m trying to do is understand … Read More

Layout text using Cocoa? You might want to rethink that!

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I’ve recently been refactoring the text implementation in iShowU Studio.  Previously I had used Cocoa’s built in NSString additions (drawAtPoint: etc), which appeared to work pretty well apart from some minor hiccups trying to get the text vertically centred. In the initial release of Studio I got around the vertical problem by munging the values. The font was fixed, so I … Read More

iShowU Studio receives improvements to general editing

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Hi Everyone! As I’ve been using Studio myself, I’ve come across a few bugs (lets call the fixes improvements to general editing shall we?). The most obvious this week was some strange behaviour with freeze-frame. I couldn’t freeze the end of a segment. Nothing would happen. Huh? … And when I did finally create the frame I wanted I couldn’t resize … Read More

Chasing continuous saving in iShowU Studio (beta 1.0.1)

Neil ClaytonTechnical Articles

A couple of people have reported that iShowU Studio continually saves the document while it’s being edited, and that that is really annoying.  I’m on the hunt as to why as a user you even see that happening. Request for Help If you see this happening, can you please download the 1.0.1 beta (enable check for beta updates in iShowU Studios preferences). … Read More