How to record timelapse videos

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You know those videos which show a whole day’s worth of footage in the space of a few minutes? Well they’re called timelapses and iShowU Instant can create them too! Granted they’re with screen recordings not beautiful starry skies or stunning landscapes, but we still think they’re pretty cool.

Check out this video by Roy Korpel for an example of the kind of timelapses you can create using screen recording software like iShowU Instant.

How to record a timelapse

In timelapse videos, frames are played back much faster than they are recorded, so to accomplish this in iShowU Instant you will need to adjust two settings: the capture frame rate and the output frame rate. The capture frame rate can be found on the Video tab of Advanced Mode and control how many frames are recorded each second; the output frame rate can be found on the Output tab of Advanced Mode and controls how many frames will be shown per second when the video is played back.

Output frame rate in iShowU Instant

Having a lower capture frame rate and a higher output frame rate will result in a timelapse video. Alternatively, having a higher capture frame rate and a lower output frame rate will result in the opposite: a video where everything happens in slow motion. It’s worth mentioning that if you record a timelapse video you won’t be able to record audio; just video.

Capture frame rate in iShowU Instant

Choosing your frame rates

Here’s a few examples of capture and output frame rate settings and what kind of speed up/slow down you can expect when using them:

Capture Frame Rate Output Frame Rate Speed Multiplier Duration of video recorded for 5 minutes*
30 fps 30 fps 1 5 minutes
15 fps 30 fps 2 2 minutes 30 seconds
6 fps 30 fps 5 1 minute
1 fps 30 fps 30 10 seconds
1 fpm 30 fps 1800 0.16 seconds
30 fps 15 fps 0.5 10 minutes
30 fps 6 fps 0.2 25 minutes
30 fps 1 fps 0.03 2 hours 30 minutes
30 fps 1 fpm 0.0005 6 days 6 hours

*Actual duration may be less depending on ability of your computer to meet the desired capture rate.