iShowU Instant 1.0.7 released

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

Version 1.0.7 of iShowU Instant contains more options for output size, an improved recording quality slider, and a bug fix for pausing during recording.

Output size options

On the Output tab in Advanced Mode, there’s the option to change the video size: the dimensions of the recorded video. As well as several common sizes like 1080p and 720p, you could also select ½ or ¼ of the input size. As of iShowU Instant 1.0.7 you now get the option to choose ⅓, ⅔, or ¾ of the input size for your output size.

Recording output sizes in iShowU Instant

Recording quality

Also on the Output tab in Advanced Mode, there’s a slider that allows you to change the recording quality/file size of the recorded video. Previously setting this to 0% didn’t really do a whole lot; the video wasn’t that bad quality and the file size wasn’t as small as it could have been. We’ve changed this in iShowU Instant 1.0.7 though; now 0% recording quality should result in notably smaller file sizes.

Recording quality in iShowU Instant

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where pausing during recording could use a large amount of memory and cause the system to hang.