iShowU Studio 1.7.1 released

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

Version 1.7.1 of iShowU Studio contains several usability bug fixes.

Scaling a recording

Previously the main recording window had an option called “Scale screen by” where you could scale the size of the recording. This was a bit confusing as it didn’t reflect the selected area, so if you selected a 1280 x 720 area on a 1920 x 1080 screen, then scaled the screen by 50%, it would say that the size would be 960 x 540 (which is 50% of the screen size), but once you’d done the recording, the size would end up being 640 x 360 (which is 50% of the selected area)! In iShowU Studio, this is much simpler, the renamed “Scale recording by” option will now accurately reflect the recording size based on your selected area and the scale you choose.

Scaling a recording in iShowU Studio

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where there was sometimes a gap to the right of the timeline.
  • Fixed a bug where ripple delete range would sometimes not delete the correct range.