Preview in iShowU Instant

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Chances are when you mention “preview” in the context of a Mac, people will automatically think of the built-in file viewing app. But when it comes to iShowU Instant, we have our own preview.

The preview window in iShowU Instant is used to give you a look at what your finished recording will look like. It reflects the area that you’ve selected to record, as well as other things you’ve added to the recording, like camera, mouse & key visualizations, and watermarks. You can see the preview by going to the Visuals tab in Advanced Mode or by enabling it as a separate window by pressing ⌘⌥0.

Preview window in iShowU Instant


As well as just viewing what the recording will look like, you can also take charge and change things! Double-clicking on one of the objects in the preview (camera, watermarks, key visualization) will bring up a properties window that will allow you to modify all kinds of things:

  • Position, rotation (in all three dimensions), and scale
  • Opacity (for making things partially transparent)
  • Border color, width, and radius
  • Shadow color, radius, and offset
  • Reflection
  • Font face, size, colour, and alignment (text watermark and key visualization only)

Editing text watermark properties in iShowU Instant

Other features

There are a few other features built-in to the preview that could prove to be useful:

  • The Reposition Out-of-bounds Objects menu item. If you’ve somehow positioned something off the screen and have no way of selecting it, just select this menu item and it will be back safe and sound.
  • The Select Keypress Visualization menu item. When you’re not typing it can be hard to see where the keypress visualization is in the preview. Well search no longer, selecting this this menu item will select and highlight that object for you.
  • You may have noticed that if you drag the preview into the selected area the preview within the preview will be covered with a grey rectangle. If we didn’t do this there would be infinitely recursing visual feedback which, while it may look cool, can be very confusing so we covered it up.