Recording a presentation

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A popular use for screen-recording software is to record presentations as they are being given. Usually this involves recording the presentation slides themselves, along with audio (and possibly video) of the presenter. This article will show you how to easily record a presentation using iShowU Instant.

Setting up iShowU Instant

Before you start recording, you’ll need to decide what you want to record, and set up iShowU Instant accordingly.

Presentation slides

The number one thing you’ll want to record will be the presentation slides. To do this, you’ll want to select the screen that the slides will be shown on by clicking the Full Screen button in Simple Mode or on the Video tab in Advanced Mode.

Note: If you’re using a projector for the presentation, make sure you have it plugged in at this point!

Full screen button in iShowU Instant

  • If your computer is not connected to any other screens or is mirrored to a projector (what you see on your screen is what is shown on the projector), you shouldn’t have to do anything; your computer screen will be automatically selected for you.
  • If you are presenting using another screen (e.g. a projector), you will need to move the mouse to the screen that the presentation will be on and click the mouse to select it.


If you want to record the audio of the presenter, make sure you have a microphone connected to the computer which can pick up the presenter’s voice (if you’re using a laptop the built-in mic should do) and then check Record microphone in Simple mode or on the Audio tab in Advanced Mode and select the microphone in the drop-down list.

Record microphone checkbox in iShowU Instant


If you want to record video of the presenter, make sure you have a camera connected to the computer which is pointed at the presenter (if you’re using a laptop the built-in webcam should do) and then check Record camera in Simple mode or on the Video tab in Advanced Mode and select the camera in the drop-down list.

Record camera checkbox in iShowU Instant

To adjust the position of the camera, enter Advanced Mode, go the Visuals tab, select the camera in the preview, and resize and position the camera however you like.

Positioning the camera in iShowU Instant

Removing unwanted extras

To make sure you get the cleanest recording possible, there are a number of features you may wish to turn off:

  • Application audio: Unless your recording includes a video, or other sound that you need recorded, you can turn this feature off.
  • Mouse pointer: It’s usually not necessary to show the mouse pointer during presentations, unless you want to point to specific content on your slides.
  • Mouse animations: You probably want these turned off.
  • Keyboard animations: You probably want these turned off.

Setting up the presentation

Once you’ve got iShowU Instant set up, you’ll want to make sure that your presentation app is set up to show the slides on the correct screen. If you don’t have any external screens attached to your computer, you can skip this step.


Two displays (one external display)

Open your presentation in Keynote and press ⌘⌥P to start the presentation. If the slideshow is not shown on the correct screen, click the Switch displays button in the presenter display to show the slideshow on the other display.

Switching displays in Keynote's presenter display

Three or more displays (two or more external displays)

Open your presentation in Keynote, select Customize Presenter Display… from the Play menu. Click Configure on the display you want the slideshow on, and select Show Slideshow. Click Done.

Setting up a presentation in Keynote with 3 screens

Click the Play button or press ⌘⌥P to start the presentation and make sure that it appears on the same screen that you selected in iShowU Instant.


Open your presentation in Powerpoint, select Set Up Show… from the Slide Show menu, select Presented by a speaker (full screen), click the Screen… button, and select the external screen you want to show the slideshow on.

Setting up a presentation in Powerpoint

Click the Play button or press ⇧⌘ to start the presentation and make sure that it appears on the same screen that you selected in iShowU Instant.

Note: Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 has a bug where if you have more than two displays it will not display the presentation on the selected screen. Unfortunately there is no way around this except to unplug all but one external displays or upgrade to Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

Recording the presentation

Once everything is set up, you’re ready to start the presentation!

  1. Make sure you have iShowU Instant open and set up with the settings above
  2. Start your presentation
  3. Press ⇧⌘1 to start the recording (shortcut can be changed in iShowU Instant preferences); you should see the countdown appear over your presentation
  4. When you reach the end of your presentation, press ⇧⌘2 to stop the recording (shortcut can be changed in iShowU Instant preferences)

One last tip: before recording the real presentation, it’s worth doing a quick test recording just to make sure everything comes out as you expect it!