Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 3 – Equalization

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Note: The material here has been presented both from my own experiences in recording & mixing, and also from the wondrous land of the internet, notably here & here. Balancing act We discussed bands in the previous article on multiband compressors. Now we move on to equalization (EQ) which is more or less a volume knob for 10 or 31 bands … Read More

Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 2 – Compressor

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In the last article I explained the Dynamics processor, which is a single compressor that operates on the entire microphone input. Using that article as a basis makes this one much simpler, because the Compressor in iShowU Instant is almost identical, except it lets you apply different compression and gating to four different bands. Bands? I don’t mean the musical kind! A … Read More

Better audio in iShowU Instant, Part 1 – Dynamics

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This is the first in a series of three articles that explain how to get the most of the audio filters in iShowU Instant. We’ll cover dynamics, compression and equalization. In layman’s terms the end goal of any filter put on the microphone is to “make the audio sound better”. That is, to make your speech sound clearer, or less … Read More

iShowU Instant – Multi Channel Audio / Effects & Text

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Greetings from NZ! We have two items to present today: 1) Multi-channel audio & effects; and 2) Text within iShowU Instant. We’ve spent the last few weeks working hard on the audio & effects processing system for iShowU Instant, and I’m happy to say we’ve got a preview release ready for you that shows it off! For the first time, … Read More

AAC – Always Compressing? Read this!

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Hi everyone, I think I’ve nailed it. Talk about a weird problem though. It seems to be a bug on Lion (10.7.x), but only manifests with certain hardware, and then only with certain bit rate settings. Given the long running nature of the problem, it goes without saying (but I’m going to anyway!) that I’m very glad to have made progress and … Read More