Whee – new site & iShowU Instant beta

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In todays ramblings, I’m in the process of sorting out the iShowU Instant Beta, and also I have finally gotten around to updating the website.  The old one was … well, old. The new site not only looks better, it works better too. I put much more focus on getting it working with various devices. Aka: it’s all responsive and … Read More

iShowU Instant – Multi Channel Audio / Effects & Text

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Greetings from NZ! We have two items to present today: 1) Multi-channel audio & effects; and 2) Text within iShowU Instant. We’ve spent the last few weeks working hard on the audio & effects processing system for iShowU Instant, and I’m happy to say we’ve got a preview release ready for you that shows it off! For the first time, … Read More

iShowU Studio Beta – Segment copy / paste

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Almost working!  I’ve got to sort out metadata for Screencast objects; and a couple of other minor details, but it’s nearly ready.  I may be able to put up a beta tomorrow before my brother arrives. Here’s a quick demo – I’m copy/pasting the screen part of a 4GB clip into the ishowu studio project on the left hand side:

iShowU Studio Beta – Update

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Lazy Person Summary ™: Work continues, Brother coming over (I’m taking a break), bunch-o-magical fixes may suddenly appear if the weather is bad. I spent last week working on the “Add New Recording” feature. While the first release of that came out early in the week, it appeared that nothing happened for the rest of that week. Actually, work continued … Read More

iShowU Studio Beta – Add a new recording

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Good news! I’ve got the “Add new recording” feature in place. This will lead to being able to add existing projects to others, as well as drag and drop of segments/movies between projects. You can try the feature now. Just open an existing project, stick the playhead somewhere and go to the File menu and choose “Add New Recording…”. You … Read More

iShowU Studio Beta Progress

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Happy new year! I hope you’ve had a good time over the last week or so.  I built another RC Heli (Gaui X4 II), which was fun fun fun. Then I more or less went back to working on Studio. Such is the life of a developer! Speaking of Studio: I’m currently evaluating what’s important to fix, with a view … Read More

iShowU Studio Beta – It’s out!

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Well, it’s here! I’ve just put up the iShowU Studio beta on MacDeveloper.net. I’ve been preparing for this time for quite a while, and I’m both excited and nervous to see what it will bring! I think it’s worth me explaining what I see the product to be, so as to help you understand its target audience. Here goes: iShowU … Read More