NSUserDefaults deviant Mavericks behaviour

Neil ClaytonTechnical Articles

So, you thought a class couldn’t be devious? Think again!  The NSUserDefaults class in Mavericks has taken on some special behaviour, attempting as much as possible to make me feel stupid. It worked for a while too! NSUserDefaults allows you to register initial values / default values for keys, via a dictionary. The idea here is that if you don’t … Read More

AppCode saved my arm

Robert BullenReviews, SWB Stories, Technical Articles

I have been meaning to write something for quite some time. Originally I had thoughts of writing some technical article (or a gaggle thereof), but something has happened to me over the last one and bit months that is quite amazing. Simply this: my arm is no longer trying to kill me.

AppStore Says What, pt2

Robert BullenAnnouncements, News and Updates, Products

Turns out I was a little hasty. The update isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s still pretty dumb. I think it’s an automated check that is failing. The name of the App in the MacAppStore is iShowU HD Pro. The failure is occurring because by default we save files to ~/Movies/iShowU HD (note the lack of “Pro” on the … Read More