Recording multichannel audio using iShowU

Neil ClaytonNews and Updates

If you have a multichannel microphone device (that nice shiny expensive piece of audio hardware sitting on your desk), you might have set up your inputs/cabling such that the mic you want to record from isn’t on channel one. In that case, while iShowU Instant might show it in the UI, and you will likely see an audio level when you … Read More

Record screencast audio like an expert

Neil ClaytonProducts, Technical Articles

Recording audio for a screencast is easy. You just click the “microphone” checkbox and you’re done, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Noisy microphones, incorrect codecs, bitrates and/or sample rates can make your audio sound like it’s underwater. I’m going to show you how to record screencast audio like an expert, getting clear results every time. I’m assuming you’re … Read More

Making clear recordings

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

Sometimes you’ll make a screen recording and think it’s going great until you look at the recorded file and notice that it’s all blurry and hard to see properly. We’re going to look at a few of the things that could cause this, and show you how to configure iShowU Instant to get clear, sharp recordings. Output size The biggest reason that … Read More

Stomp and Compression speed

Robert BullenProducts, Technical Articles

Recently I was responding to a customer request regarding Stomp and it’s somewhat slow compression speed on single jobs. This prompted me to take a closer look, and on initial inspection there was nothing there that I could see that’d cause the issue… we were reading frames as quick as possible, and passing these on to the relevant compression side. However, … Read More