A license to record

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

If you’re anything like us, you have no idea what your license codes are or where you put the email containing them. Fear not! We’ve recognized this frustration and have made it incredibly easy to obtain your license codes for all your shinywhitebox products. All you have to do is enter the email address you purchased the products with and … Read More

All the small things

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

Over the past few minor releases of iShowU Instant and iShowU Studio there have been several small improvements that go unnoticed next to the bigger features. This post is going to focus on a handful of these things that, while small, may be rather useful. Of course the bigger features like the control panel, global select area shortcut, configurable warnings, and … Read More

Up the creek with a Paddle

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

That’s right, following iShowU Instant, iShowU Studio now uses Paddle to manage licenses and purchases. Forget about trying to remember your username and password; just use a regular license key instead. What does this mean for you? It’s simple: if you already have an activated version of iShowU Studio, nothing changes! If you need to install it on another computer then you just … Read More

Learn iShowU Instant using our free ‘howto’ videos

Neil ClaytonNews and Updates

While we were developing iShowU Instant, and during testing, there were some areas of the app we thought could do with a little more explanation. With that in mind I created a few videos. They’re all really short, most being well under 3 minutes.  If you want to learn to be more effective with iShowU Instant, I think they will … Read More

New Help Site

Robert BullenAnnouncements, News and Updates

As some of you may already know our Forum got hacked, so we have taken this opportunity to consolidate our help/support documents, so now our forum and help site are all in one place. All the support information is here: support.shinywhitebox.com  From this site you will be able to access all of the help documents, watch all of the tutorials, ask and … Read More

I give up – MacApp Store

Robert BullenNews and Updates, Products

So, iShowU was rejected because the OSX compatibility fixes come under “enhancements” and now they want me to sandbox it. Result? I’ve just asked Apple how I remove it from the AppStore. I’ve had enough. This is just a complete Joke ™. I suspect this’ll happen to our other apps as well over time. Sorry, but the Mac AppStore is a horrible, … Read More