AppStore … HD is in Review

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Sarcasm Mode: enabled: Well, that didn’t take long did it? I believe I submitted the fix the day I got back to New Zealand. That’d be the 9th of Sept. I just this morning got an email that iShowU HD is in review. Yup. Not accepted, nor rejected, but in review. Nine days. Can you tell I think that the MAS is a really horrible … Read More

AppStore Says What, pt2

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Turns out I was a little hasty. The update isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s still pretty dumb. I think it’s an automated check that is failing. The name of the App in the MacAppStore is iShowU HD Pro. The failure is occurring because by default we save files to ~/Movies/iShowU HD (note the lack of “Pro” on the … Read More

iShowU v1 / HD, Retina Displays, Mountain Lion

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For those of you with Developer accounts at Apple, who also have Retina display machines, it appears that “it’s broken”. Down here at the bottom of the world I get all kinds of weird results when in HiDPI mode. Under Lion, a HiDPI display is “seen” by the app as much smaller (1/2 it’s original resolution). Thus a 2560×1600 30” panel shows … Read More