Understanding output size

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One of the popular more topics asked about by customers is the output size of recordings, with questions like “Why is my recording not the size I expect it to be?”, “Why is my recording blurry?”, “Why are there black bars in my recording?”, and “What does ‘use retina resolution’ mean?” This post aims to give an easy-to-understand explanation on output sizes, and … Read More

Recording a presentation

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A popular use for screen-recording software is to record presentations as they are being given. Usually this involves recording the presentation slides themselves, along with audio (and possibly video) of the presenter. This article will show you how to easily record a presentation using iShowU Instant. Setting up iShowU Instant Before you start recording, you’ll need to decide what you … Read More

How to record timelapse videos

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You know those videos which show a whole day’s worth of footage in the space of a few minutes? Well they’re called timelapses and iShowU Instant can create them too! Granted they’re with screen recordings not beautiful starry skies or stunning landscapes, but we still think they’re pretty cool. Check out this video by Roy Korpel for an example of the … Read More

Recording a 5k display

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If you have one of the few known 5K displays (the most likely being an iMac), you may have tried to perform a 5K screen recording but not been particularly happy with the result. This article talks about some of the technical limitations around recording 5K displays and compares the size and frame rate of various ways of recording a 5K … Read More

Recording multichannel audio using iShowU

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If you have a multichannel microphone device (that nice shiny expensive piece of audio hardware sitting on your desk), you might have set up your inputs/cabling such that the mic you want to record from isn’t on channel one. In that case, while iShowU Instant might show it in the UI, and you will likely see an audio level when you … Read More

Making clear recordings

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Sometimes you’ll make a screen recording and think it’s going great until you look at the recorded file and notice that it’s all blurry and hard to see properly. We’re going to look at a few of the things that could cause this, and show you how to configure iShowU Instant to get clear, sharp recordings. Output size The biggest reason that … Read More

Houston, we have a control panel

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Since we launched iShowU Instant one of the most requested features has been a control panel that is visible during recording. Well we listened, and as of iShowU Instant 1.0.3 a control panel has been included that allows you to see what’s happening and perform various actions to control your recording. You can toggle the control panel at any time, either … Read More

Customer in the Spotlight

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Making Magic with iShowU HD Pro This week we were lucky enough to catch up with one of our loyal customers, online gamer Marshall Sutcliffe, to hear about how shinywhitebox’s screen capture product iShowU HD Pro is helping him reach his followers – and make magic happen in the online gaming world! Marshall Sutcliffe, American Podcaster and Broadcaster, uses iShowU … Read More