Understanding output size

Daniel GibbsTechnical Articles

One of the popular more topics asked about by customers is the output size of recordings, with questions like “Why is my recording not the size I expect it to be?”, “Why is my recording blurry?”, “Why are there black bars in my recording?”, and “What does ‘use retina resolution’ mean?” This post aims to give an easy-to-understand explanation on output sizes, and … Read More

Creating animated GIFs using iShowU Instant

Daniel GibbsNews and Updates

You know those animated images you see on websites (including this blog) and in social media? These are called animated GIFs. They’re sort of a cross between a regular image and a video; they allow you to show something moving but don’t require you to upload and embed a video; you can use an animated GIF almost anywhere you can … Read More

Stomp and Compression speed

Robert BullenProducts, Technical Articles

Recently I was responding to a customer request regarding Stomp and it’s somewhat slow compression speed on single jobs. This prompted me to take a closer look, and on initial inspection there was nothing there that I could see that’d cause the issue… we were reading frames as quick as possible, and passing these on to the relevant compression side. However, … Read More