iShowU Studio Quickstart – Part 2 – Basic Editing

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Covers Cut, Copy & Paste, multiple selection and finally deleting, trimming and region cut.

Lets look at how to edit a project in Studio using both the track view and scene.

Standard editing operations like cut, copy and paste are available within the track view. For example, you can copy a movie in finder, and paste it into Studio using Copy/Paste. The media (if usable) will be copied into the Studio project at the current playhead position.

Multiple selection is also very easy. You can either add to an existing selection by holding SHIFT as you continue to click objects. This works whether you are clicking in the timeline or within the scene.

Use CMD-D of Edit | Select None, to deselect all objects.

Another way to select multiple objects is to draw a lasso around them. Start by clicking on an empty space in the timeline. Now drag the cursor. Anything touched by the resulting lasso is selected. This can be done in the scene as well. Just click where there isn’t an object, and drag the lasso out.

Deleting & Trimming

One of the most used actions is to delete sections of video. There are a few variants of this including delete, trim, and “region cut”

A Trim action operates on the front or back of your project. Start by ensure you are zoomed all the way out. You can perform a trim by dragging the left or right grey edges, and then  releasing them.

When performing a left trim, Studio will “shuffle” the remaining objects to the left to take up the slack.  Right trim is very great for removing the last little parts from a recording where you were stopping what you were doing, for example.

To delete objects entirely, just select them, then choose Edit | Cut, or press the Delete key.  All of these operations can be undone at any time, by using  , or pressing CMD-Z.

Region Cut is similar to trim, but it works in the middle of your project. It is used to remove entire sections (think vertically, within the timeline). Region Cut always removes entire vertical slices from the timeline.  Go to the Edit menu and choose Region Cut. Studio highlights the area in the timeline that you can perform a region cut within. Just drag out a section, kind of like when you were doing multiple selection, above.

You have the opportunity to move both region cut sides before performing the operation. When you’re happy, press the Cut button in the context user interface sitting just above the timeline.  Notice that the results is very much like a left trim, and all objects are shuffled left to take up the slack.

That’s it for this video!

Check out out other videos for more detail and other topics.

Remember that help is available in the shape of a full manual (the iBooks version includes short videos). To download, just go to the Help menu of iShowU Studio and choose “Download iShowU Studio Manual”.  The iBooks version is recommended.

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